About us ?

«Travelling is growing up. It's the great adventure. The one that leaves traces in the soul»

Marc Thiercelin, sailor

Our story :

Have you ever looked for a linguistic exchange for your children ? It is tricky to choose from a plethora of options the most reassuring offer best suited to your child and your budget. Anne, Diane and Emmanuelle have experienced it for their teenagers when they tried to find a language exchange. None of them found the ideal solution ... until the day Emmanuelle organised a linguistic exchange for her son with one of her husband's colleagues : a success for the children and their parents ! This is how SoPolyglot was born with the aim of offering employees' families possibilities to send their children abroad, in the reassuring and trustworthy environment of their company.

Simple enough : a networking platform, easy to use, allowing the families of employees to choose each other within the international Community of their company.


Encouraging human links within the company

Learning languages and discovering new cultures have always been of great interest for Anne after many different au pair experiences. Her career within a large insurance group, in financial and then transversal functions, has enabled her to discover the richness of working with colleagues of multiple nationalities. Her passion for multicultural experiences encouraged her to create a new collaborative service dedicated to employees' families connecting to each other within one organisation.


Offering an international passport to our children

Having worked in various international professional environments and after 7 years work experience in England as a Financial Controller, Emmanuelle joined an international recruitment firm specialised in Finance. Servicing a varied clientele, she became very passionate about the right placements for both the individual and the employer. In her spare time she also organised many linguistic exchanges for her own teenagers to give them a strong international experience and open them to different cultures. Convinced by the exchange proposition, she is thrilled to be on the SoPolyglot adventure.


Democratise language stays programs

After a few audit seasons at PWC, Diane discovered the world of start-ups by accompanying the international development of a young American company in the sector of telecommunications. Then she joined the Controlling team of a large international group and participated in the development and implementation of new information systems and reporting tools. Looking for new ways to democratise language stays for teenagers in a reassuring environment, the idea of creating the SoPolyglot methodology is obvious to her.