How it works ?

Within an international group, SoPolyglot's platform connects employees' families with each other to organise cultural and linguistic exchanges between their children, in complete confidence

In 6 steps, SoPolyglot allows you easily to find an exchange family for your child :

I sign up for free
I access my Employees portal thanks to my Company Code. I sign up with my professional email address. I enter my details and become a Member of my Company's SoPolyglot Community.
I create my child's profile
I enter information about my family and my child. After moderation by SoPolyglot, my child's profile is published and thus available for all the Members of my Community.
I look for a match
After having created my child's profile, I can check all children's Members profiles of my Community and look for a correspondent for my child.
I connect with the family
As soon as I find a correspondent for my child, I contact his/her family through the secure messaging system and we can chat to arrange the exchange.
I sign the exchange contract
Once two families agree to organise an exchange for their children, they sign a contract confirming the dates and places of the stays. The exchange is then confirmed.
I make travel arrangements
When the contract has been signed, all you have to do is to make practical arrangements. An Ebook is sent to each of the two families in order to help them hosting the correspondent and organising their child's stay.